So, you’ve decided that you want to study in Australia? Now you need to decide what training organisation to select. Naturally, the first thing to do is match up a training organisation to the course you wish to study – but beyond that, how do you decide what training organisation is best for you? Before you start a lengthy internet search, you need to know what you are looking for.

Here’s the top six questions you need to consider before you start your search:

1. Location – where do you want to study?

Most international students want to experience the Australian lifestyle and to also conduct some sightseeing whilst they are here. Many want to experience life in more than once city, and this can be tricky whilst studying if you don’t plan it from the beginning. A great way to ensure you get a diverse experience is to select a college that allows you to study in various locations. For example, at Kirana Colleges Australia (KCA), we allow students to start their studies at our Brisbane campus (opening 2020) in Queensland, and then transfer to our Sydney campus in NSW. This enables a student to experience living in two different states in Australia – whilst not interrupting studies.

2. Do the trainers have vast industry experience?

Students often assume all colleges hire trainers with deep industry experience, and this is not necessarily the case. Do thorough research into what experience your potential trainers have. You can look at trainer profiles online to get this information or ask the school for this detail. You want passionate trainers who truly support students to land their dream job, and a college that focuses on the quality of their trainers. Check out the KCA Facebook page to read articles written by our quality trainers.

3. What is the Culture of the Training Organisation?

Culture can be tricky to determine, however, it’s also a huge factor as to why you will love your international study. Values of the organisation will also affect how the training is delivered and how you feel within the study environment. Student completion rates are often indicative of a supportive learning environment, so investigate what the completion rate is. It’s also worthwhile finding out what the training organisation lists as their values on the website and determine if they match a training environment that is right for you. Most importantly, review student testimonials for the organisation to get insights on the culture. You will get a sense of what the students have experienced and in their own words.

4. What is the Diversity of Students in the Organisation?

An exciting part of international studies is meeting fellow classmates from around the world. Learning about their cultures and way of life will broaden your global view and will allow you to make friendships with people from across the world. Some colleges will ensure that they attract students from across the world, whilst others will not prioritise this. This is a priority at KCA for example, and we have over 400 international students from 30 different nationalities – offering a truly multicultural experience.

5. What is the International Reputation of Training Organisation?

Your international agent will be able to assist you with identifying training organisations that are well renowned internationally.

6. Does the Training Organisation Offer on the Job Work Experience?

A school that works with industry partners will be more likely to be able to provide you with the skills which are up to date and in high demand from the industry. On the job work experience will enable you to practise those skills and to get the most out of your studies choose a training organisation that helps you get on the job work experience. At KCA we help our students arrange their work experience through our network of industry contacts.

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