Become a global graduate

In today’s hyper-connected world, it is easy to can join a global cause, view the picture-perfect styling of a global cuisine, or comment on the most Instagram celebrated image of a tourist location from the comfort of our laptop. Social media can at times feel like travelling without a passport, but the truth is, there is nothing like immersing yourself in another culture and having a real international experience.  Studying in another country is the perfect way to upskill whilst having a transformational cultural experience – and it’s something that a digital experience just cannot replicate. You not only obtain new skills and globally recognised certifications to bring back to your home country, but also the chance to broaden your experiences and become a global graduate or a ‘citizen of the world’.

To me, being a global graduate allows you to become a global citizen and is more than just the idea of a global world of rights and responsibilities. I believe it encompasses the ability to experience the array of global opportunities, it allows you to become a part of an emerging world community where your actions – whether that be for work, travel, adventure, culture and causes contribute to changing your circumstances for yourself and the those around you. I truly believe you can change the world by starting with yourself!

Work or study to understand the culture

Of all the places I have travelled, I can honestly say that I have felt I have understood the culture most, when I have worked or studied in that country. One of the best parts of undertaking study or work in another country, is that you have time to immerse yourself in that culture.  You can never underestimate the value of having time to do more than just see the latest tourist attraction or attend a national celebration. In fact, I think to really understand a culture you must be more than a tourist and work or study in that country. In Australia, international students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, meaning you can undertake study, and obtain international work experience.

Having more time than a tourist in a country also allows you to form strong and long-lasting relationships.  If you are studying with other international students, you can connect with people from around the globe and experience more than one culture at the same time. It is these relationships with other people and shared experiences which provide a rich international study or work experience.

International training and work experience

I have taught international students who have obtained qualifications in Australia and have taken those skills to establish their careers  around the world.  While some students have obtained their international training and moved to work in another country, others have studied in Australia and then returned to their home country to excel in their chosen field. In many cases it’s the international qualifications, training and work experience which has enabled students to forge their career and work in another country and contribute on a global level.

The idea that you’re a global citizenship can transcend your geographically born borders may sound complex – but it is nothing more than taking hold of the global opportunities that await – the real life ones outside of the digital world.

Author:  Tony Patterson, CEO Kirana Colleges Australia, connect with Tony on Facebook here